Sunday, 6 November 2011


finally dtg jgk cinta yg ak cr.:)
ptt lah slame ni perasaan ak kt diew xpnh ilang,even ak gan diew da 3 thn xcntnt tp prasaan syg ak kt diew ttp de.even cm2 perkra terjd,mmg ssh ak nk buang perasaan syg kt diew.
suddenly,pd 1 tarikh mulalah kisah kami mne tah ak dpt ase yg diew pn de prasaan kt ak. asenye mmg worth it ak tnggu diew tok 3 thn,akhrnye cinta diew kt ak wujud jgk..
kwn ak de ckp, kalo kte leh ase diew tuh the ones tok kte, insyaAllah hbgn kte akn kekal.n YESS!!,ak mmg dpt ase  yg die the ones tok ak.even cm2 org da ak knl,tp prasaan the ones tuh juz wjud tok diew.only for HIM.
i wish he will be my lover for the rest of my life.i wish i can be there 4 u for ur entire life dear,i wish i be the one that can holding ur hand everytime, i wish i be the one that always cheer u up when u sad n i wish i can be the one that you looking for!!!.
for you

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